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This directory contains the source code for games written on the Phoenix system at Cambridge University, England.

10 Items

Avon [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Avon, by Jonathan R. Partington
BrandX [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for BrandX, by Jonathan Mestel and Peter Killworth
Crobe [22-Mar-2010]
Source code for Crobe, by J.R. Partington
Fyleet [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Fyleet, by J.R. Partington
Hamil [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Hamil, by Jonathan R. Partington
Murdac [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Murdac, by Jonathan R. Partington
Nidus [28-Jul-1999]
Source code for Nidus, by Adam Atkinson [15-Nov-2011]
The Perl script and Inform libraries used to restore the Phoenix games, written by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson, Gunther Schmidl, and David Kinder.
Sangraal [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Sangraal, by J.R. Partington
Xeno [18-Jul-1999]
Source code for Xeno, by Jonathan Mestel