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adventure.cas [04-May-2011]
Adventure!, by Caden James. [31-May-2015]
Attack On Frightside, a Neo Scary God-Game, by Farley Sweet. [16-Apr-2005]
Attempted Assassination v3.15, by Matt Slotnick. Runs on Quest v3.53. [05-Aug-2011]
Bear's Epic Quest, version 1.2, by Hospes. [09-Jun-2014]
Cuttings, by "nahueldenegri". [19-Jan-2015]
Dracula, an unofficial remake of the 1986 CRL game, written by Rod Pike and Ian Ellery, created by Jon Bardi. [23-Apr-2013]
"It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go!" version 1.0, by Jahanzaib Haque. [21-Jul-2014]
Everyman, release 5, by Simon Deimel. [07-Jun-2012]
First Times, version 1.0, by Hero Robb. [16-Apr-2005]
Haunted Horror v2.00, by Matt Slotnick. Runs on Quest v3.53.
Magic.asl [21-Jun-2009]
Magic World, by Maryssa.
redsaucemonday.asl [09-May-2010]
Red Sauce Monday, by Tom Clark. [13-Jan-2015]
Spondre, version 1.1a, by Jay Nabonne. [26-Oct-2014]
The Gift of the Magi. Roam freely in the world of O. Henry's classic short story. (Contains the complete Project Gutenberg public-domain text.) [17-Jul-2009]
World's End, version 1.0, by bloodbath.