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4 Items [02-Nov-2011]
All the entries in Duncan Bowsman's 2011 Ectocomp competition:
  Bloodless on the Orient Express, by Hannes Schueller (Z-code)
  Blue, by Taleslinger (Z-code)
  Hungry, by Richard Otter (Adrift 4)
  Stuck Piggy, by Mike Desert (Adrift 5)
  Ignis Fatuus, by DCBSupafly (Adrift 5)
  Death Shack, by Mel S (Adrift 5)
  The House, by Finn Rosenloev (Adrift 5)
  Attack of Doc Lobster's Mutant Menagerie of Horror, by Duncan Bowsman (Adrift 4)
  Dash Slapney and the Calamitous Candy Corn Cornucopia, by Andrew Schultz (Z-code) [31-Oct-2012]
All the entries in J.J. Guest's 2012 Ectocomp competition:
  What Are Little Girls Made Of? by Carolyn VanEseltine (Z-code)
  Beythilda the Night Witch, by DCBSupafly (Adrift 5)
  The Hunting Lodge, by HulkHandsome (HTML)
  Ghosterington Night, by Wade Clarke (Z-code)
  Parasites, by Marius Müller (Z-code)
  The Evil Chicken Of Doom 3D, by Mel Stefaniuk (Adrift 5) [31-Oct-2013]
All the entries in J.J. Guest's 2013 Ectocomp competition:
  The Argument-Winner's Ghost, by Andrew Schultz (Z-code)
  Blackness, by Michael W Phipps Jr (Z-code)
  Boogle, by Buster Hudson (Twine)
  The Cenric Family Curse, by Jonathan Snyder (Z-code)
  Chemistry and Physics, by Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine (Twine)
  Crater Creek, 2113, by Angela Shah (Z-code)
  Dead Pavane for a Princess, by Emily Boegheim (Z-code)
  Faithful Companion, by Matt Weiner (Z-code)
  Fish Dreams, by Carolyn VanEseltine (Z-code)
  The Hallway Phantom, by Tyler Zahnke (Web)
  Headless, Hapless, by Mostly Useless (Z-code)
  Hill of Souls, by Angela Shah (Z-code)
  The Horrible Pyramid, by Ryan Veeder (Z-code)
  Ice House of Horrors, by Sean M. Shore (Z-code)
  Jack, by Jason Lautzenheiser (Glulx)
  The Nessa Springs Slasher, by Marius Müller (Z-code)
  Personality Rights, by Sumana Harihareswara (Ren'Py)
  The Profile, by Mike Snyder (Hugo)
  A Slight Problem with Zombies, by David Whyld (Twine)
  The Tale of the Cursed Eagle, by Slat Leering (Z-code)
  Trick Or Treat, by Adelynn Snyder (Twine)
  The Voodoo You Do, by Marshal Tenner Winter (Glulx)
  Wisp, by Lea Albaugh (Z-code)
  You are a Blob!, by SoftSoft (Twine)
  ZombieDating.zom, by Anonymous (Web). [30-Nov-2014]
All the entries in the 2014 Ectocomp competition:
  Lime Ergot, by Rust Blight (Z-code)
  A Fly on the Wall, by Nigel Jayne (Z-code)
  Choose Your Own SCARY Death, by Healy (Twine)
  Devil's Food, by Hanon Ondricek (AXMA)
  First Person, by Buster Hudson (Glulx)
  ACAG, by David Whyld (Twine)
  The Weird Mirror, by M.J. Antonellis (HTML)
  Carriage Returns, by David Good (Glulx)
  Wedding Day, by E. Joyce (Z-code)
  Eclosion, by Buster Hudson (Twine)
  It Is Pitch Black, by Caelyn Sandel (Twine)
  LISEY, by Marco Innocenti (Glulx)
  Candlesmoke, by Caelyn Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine (Twine)
  halloween candy triage simulator 2014, by j. marie (Twine)
  Candy Rush Saga, by Andrew Schultz (Z-code)
  The Voodoo You Do 2, by Marshal Tenner Winter (Glulx)
  City of the Living Dead, by Tanah Atkinson (Twine)
  Character Creation, by Erin Gigglecreek (Z-code)